5 Easy Tips to Fix A Sprained Ankle

Last year i totally wrecked my ankle when i fell over at work and sprained my right ankle.

The pain i felt initially was not too bad,

My foot went blue with brushing and i applied arnica cream, i rested the ankle each evening,

I applied hot and cold treatments but over the next couple of weeks it was still so bad it felt like it was getting worse and i started to believe i had a fracture!

I researched online how to fix a sprained ankle and discovered this youtube video which really improved my strength and pain levels.

I also purchased a Mueller Ankle adjustable strap which totally transform my walking ability and took away the pain as it kept the foot stiff.

But although the pain went i was only protecting the ankle and what i needed to do was to repair the damage to the ligaments ,

this is how to fix a sprained ankle correctly.

So the strap was great initially, perfect for work,

but i had to reduce the time wearing it to strengthen and heal the ankle back to normal.

The video is by JJ Flizanes and she recorded it for about.com.

She shows you the 5 exercises to fix a sprained ankle that are recommended by sports physios.

I personally found the Tree Exercise the best,
balance on the bad foot, lifting the other leg up was one of the best exercises and one that i felt most relief from.

Plus it strengthened my ankle so i could stop wearing the ankle brace.

Stretch 1 :The Tree

how to fix a sprained ankleThis is a balance exercise and its like a warm up and a preparation to the stretches. It sends a message from the brain to the muscles in the foot it is to heal.
Stand up straight lift up the good leg and stand on the sprained ankle.

The next 4 stretches should be done sitting on a chair. Repeat 5-10 times


Stretch 2 :Dorsiflexion
fix a sprained ankle

Lift your toe off the ground with your heel to the ground.

Keeping you heel to the ground and lifting your toes upwards.



Stretch 3 :Plantarflexion
fix a sprained ankle


Pointed your toes and working your calf muscles, lifting the foot off the ground pointing as hard as you can before you feel pain.



Stretch 4 :Eversion
fix a sprained ankle
The outside of the heel is coming up, small motion turning the inside of the foot down and the outside up, do this slowly.





Stretch 5 : Inversion
screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-15-13-31The opposite to Eversion this time you are pulling the foot inwards towards you.

I would do this 5- 10 times , start up slow and work yourself to 10 times.






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