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This page is packed with products that I use personally on my patients so I know are proven to work and solve the solution.

Here you will find products for :

Warts & Verruca
Hard Rough Split Heels
Thick Toenails
Best Toenail Clippers / Long Reach 
Fungal Toenail Treatments
Heel Pain  

Warts  & Verruca Removal

Amoils  H-Warts Formula – Natural Pain Free Verruca and Wart Removal Remedy
Remove your warts naturally

For Children or Adults with stubborn or painful verruca that prefer to use natural organic oils to cure warts and verruca at home.  No pain nor scaring , easy application twice a day.

All of the  ingredients are essential oils including , marigold , geranium ,tea tree oil which are proven strong anti wart remedies.

Read more here and how to get your feet wart free here :>>> Wart Removal by Amoils

Severe Rough Cracked Heels

Gehwol 125ml Salve , Softens the hardest heels!

This salve cream amazes my patients on how fast it restores dry rough cracked heels in 2-3 days.
Perfect for heels that suffer from splits and for people who are going on holiday and need to hydrate and soften their feet ready for flip flops.

#1 Electric file for hard rough heels – Scholls Pedi Velvet 

Easy to use takes 2-3 minutes to have perfectly smooth heels without the hassle of exfoliating and using a pumice bar. Scholls also have a Wet & Dry version for use in the showers  which is handy for taking on holiday.

But the Velvet Pedi does a great job and the replacement rollers are cheap to replace and also have extra corse rollers for extra rough feet!.

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Thick Toenails

Gehwol Med Fluid for thickend calloused toenails

For Thickened, damaged toenails , this fluid is applied using the dropper bottle daily.  It makes it much easier to cut and trim the thick toenail. It  will also help to prevent an ingrown toenail.

For trimming see our recommended Toenail Clippers below.
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Best Toenail Clippers UK

These are my recommend Top Toenail Clippers to use on your feet.

Hard to reach Feet -Long Handled Toenail Clippers

Medipaq Long Reach Scissors 

Good set here you get the long reach toenail scissors with the angled cutter and also a finger nail trimmer included.

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Helix Naturals Long Handled Scissors

Firm favourite amongst my patients inexpensive pair of toenail scissors with extra reach length, can be used right or left handed and has a curved angled cutter.

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